Adoption Story – Meet Tucker

Tucker came to us one winter’s afternoon. Due to a medical condition, Tucker was surrendered to us. Feeling scared and alone, he took some time to get used to clinic life. Always hiding and shying away from cuddles. For the most part Tucker wanted to be left alone. We proceeded slowly to introduce kind gestures of love and affection, knowing that Tucker came from a loving home. With head scratches that turned into belly rubs, that turned into cuddles, that turned into cuddles and kisses; he couldn’t resist enjoying the attention.

Mommy and Tucker

Tucker started to become vocal with his likes and dislikes that resulted in peaking the interest of Mommy, our other clinic cat. She was curious to know who was housed right next door to her. Every day she looked at him and then it happened…they started to talk to each other. With daily conversations of cat business, Tucker and Mommy started to become friends. We even joked about them being a couple. We slowly allowed Mommy and Tucker to socialize with one another. Of course Mommy and her diva-self, would walk right into Tuckers kennel have a snack, sip some water and walk on out. Watching Mommy move so freely around the clinic did prompt Tucker to attempt to do the same. He loved hiding behind the recycle bin in the treatment room or between the table and garbage can in the exam rooms. Eventually at the end of the day, we’d have to chase him upstairs to downstairs to upstairs again just to get him settled for the evening.

We quickly resolved his medical issues and started to put the word out that sweet Tucker needed a home. With a few inquiries and no real bites of hope of home we started to prepare Facebook posters and a biography to promote his need.

And then it happened…one of our darling clients was willing to open her home to Tucker. Now Tucker is relaxed and in his new home, his fur-ever home. Loved and cared for, for the sweet boy he is.
Joanna Yorke, RVT