A Kitten Tale

Being a new team member of Coxwell Animal Clinic I have been told how this story begins, but I will also tell you how the story ends.

One day while at work, one of our good-hearted clients stumbled upon a cardboard box that contained kittens. This box was left in her workplace parking lot by a dumpster. As our client approached the box, three cats ran off, leaving two behind to be rescued. Our good-hearted client then brought those darling kittens into the clinic. Our staff loved, cuddled and medically treated the kittens. The kittens were then named “Stella Bella” and “Stanley Manley”. stella bella

A few weeks later the same good hearted client brought in their mother. This client tried with all their might to rescue the remaining cats. The mother cat being more feral then her kittens; wiggled, pushed and squirmed her way trying to avoid treatment and examinations. With no luck for the mother cat’s attempts, our staff began to love, cuddle and medically treat this momma cat as well. Upon examinations and treatments, this beloved feline had injured the cornea of her right eye. Medicated eye drops along with other treatments didn’t have much effect on the eye but it did help keep the left eye healthy. Our great team of doctors had decided that the eye had to go for the sake of the cat’s overall health.  The day was chosen and at the skillful hand of Dr. A. Woo, the eye was removed. Our staff proceeded to provide comfort and the best aftercare for this darling cat.


Oh I did forget to mention that this mother cat was named “Stacey”.

Now by this time, “Stanley Manley” and “Stella Bella” had grown quite a bit. So much so that they were able to get their big kitten vaccines and then the discussion of…dum..dum…dummm…castration was had. One week “Stanley” was neutered and the following week “Stella” was spayed. It was also announced that they had a home and were going to be picked up in a few weeks.

These loving siblings that had never a part unless playing in opposite corners of the room; had now found themselves separated and living in two kennels side by side. These two talked to each other, played with each other and held each other through the kennel doors. It was the longest three-weeks these kittens had endured up until that point.

Now with the end of the count down to their “forever” home was approaching, we the staff proceeded with our heavy hearted well-wishing and good byes. With endless playtime, cuddles and kisses, we all took our turns with each kitten. What also made it more difficult to endure, “Stacey” their mother had followed her kittens lead and became more comfortable. She played with them and came around us more freely.

Then it happened… That good hearted client then brought in the remaining two kittens. Brown tabbies, a boy and a girl. Which were later named “Jaime” and “Cersei

Then it happened again…the kitten’s (“Stanley” and “Stella”) forever home fell through due to unforeseen circumstances. It was a bittersweet moment, yay they get to stay a little while longer, but now we have 5 cats to find homes for.

After their quarantine, examinations and treatments, “Jamie” and “Cersei” were slowly reunited with the rest of their family. The kittens played together and “Stacey” cuddled with her long lost babies.

Now as I watched these 5 cats, I realized “Stacey” needed to be with “Stanley” and “Stella”. She played and socialized with them a little more than her tabby babies. She did cuddle and play with “Jamie” and “Cersei” but she was more comfortable with “Stanley” and “Stella” playing and coming around the staff more and more. I wondered if it would be possible to find the three of them a home together.

Now it was back to work to find these lovely felines a home. One day my mother brought my youngest in to drop off my lunch that I had forgotten. My youngest asked to see the cats. I brought them to the back and there was “Stacey” sitting in one of the cat beds. So sure she would dart once we entered but before I could say anything my youngest rushed over to greet her and pet her so nicely on the head. And “Stacey” enjoyed my youngest’s company. I was in awe. No one was able to just walk up to “Stacey” like that without her becoming defensive of some sort.

I told our happy go lucky clinic manager, Amy, what happened. She then jokingly said” Joannaaaaa!! These guys are ready to goooooo! You should take them” I then asked about “Stacey” and if any of my coworkers confirmed taking her. She then stated “no, she needs a home too.” So I then threw up my hands and said,

“Give them all to me”

“All what? All three black cats?”

“Yup! The kittens shouldn’t be separated at this point and their mother needs them. They’ve been through enough; so I’ll take them all.”


Amy was speechless. It was kind of funny. She kept asking if I was sure. But then it hit her if she asked again maybe I’d change my mind. Everyone in the clinic was so happy because they had a home and they could come and visit more often.

I took them home two weeks later, just before my children’s birthdays. My children were so happy to see the cats; and we all still are.  They get along so well with my lab/hound and they love watching the turtles swim.

As for the tabby twins left at the clinic, with a good hunch Dr. A Kestelman found a home for those kittens. A few weeks after they went to their forever home. Now the tabby twins live with an RVT and have the best care and loving home.

As we the staff were all happy and sad to see the clinic empty with the exception of “Lana”, another funny thing happened “Mommy” walked in the door…she needs home.

By: Joanna Yorke, ACA