Basil at Bat

His Name’s Jose Cattista.

You can call him Joey Cats.

He’s the bane of all the pitchers

when he steps up with his bat.


Sometimes he’s in the locker room,

all curled up with the caps.

The other team will face their doom

when he’s had his power nap.


When he’s prowling round the infield,

set to make an awesome catch,

no runner even dares to steal.

He makes plays that few can match.


But when this boy steps up to hit,

and you’re high up in the stands,

you must be sure to take a mitt,

‘cos that’s where the ball will land.


So if you want to see this cat

just come down to the Dome,

where you can watch him flip his bat

and run the bases home.


Happy Spring!

Written by Liz and Basil