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Cat having nails trimmed

How to Trim Your Pets Nails

Cutting your pet’s nails should be a routine task that should be performed approximately every 4-6 weeks. Keeping with routine and picking the same time daily, we make this process easier, and your pet more compliant.

Dog with eyes wide open

Canine Insomnia

As dogs age, they can start to have difficulty sleeping throughout the entire night. There are many different psychological and physical causes which can contribute to this.

senior pet care

Cognitive Dysfunction Syndrome

As our pets start to age, they can start to show signs of diseases. Cognitive dysfunction syndrome is one of those diseases prone to older pets. This disease is similar to dementia in people and might be the most underdiagnosed disease in veterinary medicine. Studies indicate that about 14% of dogs...

kitten and puppy outside

10 Spring Hazards That Can Harm Your Pets

Ahh, springtime, when the cold grasp of winter is finally fading away, and we can actually enjoy our time spent outside. Spring is a time when pets and owners alike can finally get outside and stretch their legs and have some fun! With all the joyous things that spring brings...