Pets Need Dental Care Too

We all know how it goes. You climb into bed with a freshly brushed, smooth set of pearly whites. When you wake up in the morning, however, you find that little elves seemed to have knit individual sweaters on each of your teeth. While I am sure they help keep your teeth warm, they are disgusting. If left alone, they accumulate until those fuzzy, cottony sweaters harden into plating that could retrofit a tank. If that wasn’t an awful enough image, this new armor isn’t alone in your mouth. Your mouth has become a breeding ground for a host of bacteria and germs that would make biological warfare jealous.

Now, that may seem extreme but for a lot of pets, this is the case. When we think of brushing our own teeth, we cannot imagine days and weeks going by without a little spit and polish. Sadly, there are many furry friends out there that go years without any proper oral care. First and foremost, alongside regular vet check-ups, brushing your animals teeth is the best at home remedy to combat dental disease (gingivitis, tooth decay, etc). It may seem impossible at first, but with a little patience and determination, you can have your animals actually looking forward to the “brushing time”. There are a variety of specially crafted animal toothpastes (don’t share your favourite with them!) and brushes to help make this easier for both of you!

Brushing is not the only weapon in your arsenal, though. There are a number of chews, treats, foods, water additives (medical and holistic) that can help to keep those teeth shiny and sparkling for years to come! Ask any person at your local vet clinic, and I am sure they would be more than happy to go over some of the available options with you that best fit your lifestyle and budget.

Now, there is always dental work that can be done as well. Your veterinarian or veterinary technician will always exam your pet’s mouth during a routine exam. This will help them to keep an eye out for problem areas, much like a human dentist. Dental procedures for animal – just like with people – can get expensive. That is why prevention and proper oral hygiene is the first key to success. Talk with your vet or vet tech today, and keep on top this silent enemy!