Kittens! Kittens! Kittens! by Jacen

As some of you may have noticed through our Facebook page, we are fostering some adorable little kittens. These little bundles of fur are just a few weeks old! They are being fostered for a wonderful organization called Four Paws, One Heart. Although their eyes have only recently opened and they are walking around like little wine-os, they are eating well and growing up so quickly right before our eyes. They are getting a lot of love and attention (and plenty of sleep, too!) from our Coxwell Animal Clinic staff and wonderful East York clients alike!

There are two little Tabbies, which are very much in love with their food. They are going to be adorable little tanks, I think! There is a small white one with some brown markings, and what a little climber he is! You can’t turn your back for a second, or he will try to make a quick escape! He is going to be so full of energy! Lastly, there is the purr-fect little orange and white one, he is a little package of love! He purrs already; sounds more like little bubbles or a tiny motor, so far, and his eyes are a striking blue. I am not sure they will stay that colour, but it would make quite the combination! They are currently being fed every three hours, to keep their little bellies full and comfortable! Dr. Ryder and Coxwell Animal Clinic manager, Amy have both been amazing and volunteered to take them home during the evenings to ensure that they are getting all the food and warmth throughout the night! Thanks, ladies! I know that they appreciate it!

We will be updating our Facebook page as often as we can with new clips and photos, so be sure to like our page to see them as they grow. Believe me, they won’t be tiny for much longer!