Meet our Clinic Cat: Lana

Hi! I’m Lana. I am 16 years young, and full of life! Nothing slows me down. I am shorthaired, and have silver fur with natural peach and tan highlights. I love to keep my nails short. I recently moved into my Kitty Princess Palace at Coxwell Animal Clinic for a few months now. I have full run of the clinic during the day, though I am still working through some fear of the basement… I think there are ghosts down there. Every time I have tried to venture into the dark underbelly (where the humans keep all the tasty foods!) I have ended up getting scared and running to hide under whatever I can find for a couple hours until I am sure that the danger has passed. Then I will slowly slink back upstairs to meditate in my cage. Soon, though, I will conquer the basement.

When I am not out adventure hunting, I love to seek out the softest, warmest places to sleep. My top three places are the laps of the humans that work for me (empty lap or full doesn’t matter, I make room), the fake lap that my friend Samantha made for me out of old scrub bottoms, and on the counter beside the computer while my humans fix up other animals.

I love to eat! If you have squished up A/D in a bowl with a side of my favourite dry Z/D pellets, I am yours!

In short:

Likes: Massages, Getting My Hair And Nails Did, Squishy Foods, Warm Laps, Empty Chairs, Meditating, Speaking My Mind.

Dislikes: Dogs, Cats, Birds, Pocket Pets, Humans That Pick Me Up, Being Told What To Do (I am a free spirit), Human Food.

If you’re ever in my area, why not stop in for a coffee! I am always up for some pets and affection!

Lana, via Jacen, Customer Care Rep