Mommy Moo Cat – Love and Second Chances

Strays and fosters all have something in common. They make amazing companions, and have such beautiful souls for those who will give them the chance. This is the story of one such case, Mommy Moo Cat. In comes this sad little girl in need of some medical care, a good clean-up and just a little TLC. Her previous owners just couldn’t take care of this poor little girl but WE COULD! Our technician Sam was able to work her magic and got her looking almost close to as good as new but even so she always looked a little funny. Her funny looks and loving personality were definitely something the Coxwell team didn’t mind.

After taking her in and trying to make her as comfortable as possible we soon learnt here at Coxwell that Mommy Moo Cat was diabetic. She needed daily insulin injections along with a special diet and far more. Day in and out we loved her but we knew she never really loved the “clinic life”. I wanted to see how I could help and after bringing her home for a little test run my daughter Eden fell in love. I knew I couldn’t resist taking her home for our family to love. No one ever said it would be easy but I knew it was worth it.

Mommy Moo Cat brought us a lot of joy at home and at Coxwell Animal Clinic for the entire team but sadly we had to say our goodbyes to our beloved Mommy Moo Cat. She definitely left a paw print on our hearts and will be forever in our memories.
Written By: Rosey Webster, Client Care Representative