Natural Mosquito Repellents by Alexandra Adams, ACA

As the warmer months approach, so do the mosquitoes. Mosquitoes are more than just a nuisance for us, they are also carriers of the heartworm larva which can infect your dog and make him seriously ill. Everyone knows the mainstream insect repellent DEET. That stuff isn’t good for us, let alone our fur babies. Below are some natural essential oil options. You can look for natural premade repellents with these oils already in it, or make your own!


Believe it or not, catnip has been shown in studies to be MORE effective at repelling mosquitoes than DEET. Planting catnip in your garden will help keep those pesky critters away from your backyard, but also spraying a premade mixture on your dog will repel them.


Mosquitoes hate the scent of citrus, and lemon is a popular citrusy scent used in many natural mosquito repellents.


As well as being a natural mosquito repellent, lavender also has a lovely smell. Mix some with your catnip mix to smell more like lavender than catnip.


Peppermint is also very soothing for bug bites, so it works double duty if your dog is super itchy from a bite.

Please note that these are safe for DOGS but should always be used in a dilution. Cats are more sensitive to oils and should be used with caution in very small amounts. Please consult your veterinarian before using any essential oils on or around your cat.