Cat X-Rays and Ultrasounds

X-rays and ultrasounds are commonly performed to allow us to observe what is happening inside your cat’s body. They help us to diagnose disease and health conditions in your pet.

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What technology do you use?

At Coxwell, our veterinary team has access to leading radiology services. Our digital x-ray equipment provides our vets with precise digital imaging to evaluate your cat’s condition.

Does the clinic also do feline dental x-rays?

We recommend that every pet undergoing a dental procedure with us also receives full mouth dental x-rays. Dental x-rays are critical in assessing what’s going on under the gum line. They help the veterinarians in determining if teeth are healthy or may need extraction.

How much does cat x-ray cost?

The cost can vary based on how many x-rays are required specifically for your pet(s) and their condition. Our staff would be more than happy to provide you with an estimate over the phone or by email.

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