Grooming your dog is essential to their overall health and hygiene. Grooming ensures their coat stays clean and their skin can breathe. At Coxwell Animal Clinic, we offer professional dog grooming for all breeds. Reach out to our team to schedule an appointment or for more information on our grooming services.

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What grooming services do you offer dogs?

During the grooming process, we start with a good bath and wash using appropriate shampoos and conditioners for the dog’s specific skin and coat. We offer nail trims which are always included in the grooming price. Sanitation cuts are also included during the groom as well as ear cleaning. The overall haircut is determined for the particular breed of dog and what the owner would like to have done.

Does cost vary on the size of the dog?

Grooming charges depend on several factors including the dog’s size and how much hair the dog has. Other factors include what the dog needs to have done whether it be just a bath or a full-on haircut. The dog’s attitude and temperament are also factors we take into consideration. Please contact us at 416-423-3042 for more information on our grooming prices.

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