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Dog Grooming

We offer professional dog grooming for all breeds. Grooming our dogs is essential to their health and hygiene. Grooming ensures dogs coats are clean and their skin can breathe, also a nice styled hair cut never hurts!


Dog Skin Care

Skin is the biggest organ of the body, and its primary function is defence! Environmental elements, food, parasites, and hormonal conditions have the ability to weaken this defence system. By learning to detect early symptoms, many diseases of the skin can be treated and controlled.

Microchipping a Cat

Microchipping is a method of identification for both cats and dogs. The microchip, when scanned, contains a number unique to your pet. This number is registered with the microchip company, as well as your pet's medical file and your contact information. This method of identification increases the chance of your...


Dog Behavioural Counselling

Understanding dog behaviour can be complicated and very frustrating for owners. This is why it is important for owners to address behaviour issues with their veterinarian. Here at Coxwell Animal Clinic, we encourage consultation with the veterinarian to discuss behaviour concerns. We can help address underlying problems that may be...