Spring Safety Tips

Finally the snow is finally gone! The weather is clearing up! You can go outside your house without the bone-chilling, teeth chattering, winter-hating gloom. Gone are the days of puffy and frumpy coats, toques and scarves (except where fashion is concerned!) Rejoice! We are too!

That being said, now that the long-awaited warmer weather is upon us, there are a few things to keep in mind when you’re out enjoying spring with your furry companions:

1)    Make Sure They Are Identifiable – With the weather being nice, the dog parks are filling up, and the cats are lazing in windows and on porches. And while laying around all day in the sun sounds wonderful, it does carry some risks. If an animal gets spooked, or finds a curious smell, it may wonder off in search of it. Making sure that your pets are clearly marked with your address, and phone number (and hopefully a microchip) is key. Nothing is worse than a missing pet.

2)    Monitor The Windows/Doors – Some cats are indoor only. They love to sit in the windows and watch the birds (though, in the case of my two cats, would never truly be able to catch them). Daydreaming about being the most furious hunter in the jungle is all well and good for an indoor cat, but we have to remember that while they are smart animals, they can still make mistakes. Ensure that all open windows have sturdy screens, or that balconies are very safe with no openings to fall through.

3)    Plants And Pets (Know Your Flora!) – Spring is a wonderful time to fill the house with flowers and greenery! Winter is a little drab and grey and the mess of the beginning of spring leaves much to be desired visually. So, what do we do as soon as we see and smell those beautiful flowers? Buy them! BUY THEM ALL! This is a great way to make sure the house looks festive, but just remember that just because a plant is pretty doesn’t mean it is harmless to our pets. Always make sure you research a plant before bringing it into the home, as there are a number of ones that are toxic to dogs and cats. You can always call us our East York vet clinic if you do not know yourself.

4)    Spring Cleaning – Usually when we hear “Spring Cleaning” most of us aren’t overjoyed and enthusiastic. If you happen to be someone who is, please call me, we will work something out! A lot of people take the time to get the house, garden and garage up to snuff during the spring months in order for things to look great for guests during the summer. It is important to remember that some cleaning chemicals smell good or interesting to our pets, and they may be inclined to try them. Try to keep any cleaning supplies out of reach when not using them, and to monitor closely when they are in use. A trip to the vet will really slow down that dusting or clearing out the attic.


Written by Cowell Animal Clinic