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Cat in a litter box

Litterbox Habits

Every cat is their individual, and that means they each adopt different behaviours for using the litterbox. Some of these habits have answers, and others have only theories to explain why your cat does what it does.

Sebastian and Xavier

The Story of Sebastian and Xavier

When Sebastian and Xavier first arrived at Coxwell, we weren’t entirely sure what to make of them. They were quite rough around the edges and didn’t seem very impressed with their new place to live. Sebastian was full of attitude and Xavier looked quite confused, but that all quickly changed....

freddy at his new foster home

Freddy’s Fostering Story

“This is only for a few days then he is going back” is what my mom said to me on the way home from picking Freddie up to stay with us for the New Year’s Eve long weekend. Except – he didn’t go back (well he did for 2 short...


What Are Resorptive Lesions and Why Should I Be Concerned?

What are resorptive lesions and what causes them? Resorptive lesions may also be known as cavities, though not the same as the ones in humans. As a human, you can get a cavity by eating too many sweets and not caring to brush your teeth after or not brushing well.