The Dangers of Easter Lilies for Pets by Dr. Williams

As spring is here, we want to take precautions to keep our kitties safe. Did you know that Easter Lilies are very toxic to cats?  Easter Lilies can cause acute renal (kidney failure) and death in cats. Common lily varieties that are dangerous for cats include the Easter Lily, Tiger Lily, Rubrum Lily, Japanese Show Lily and certain species of Day Lily. Consuming even small amounts of these plants can have deadly consequences for our cats.

Signs to watch for include sudden onset of vomiting, drooling, extreme lethargy. Unfortunately kidney failure can occur within 32- 72 hours of ingestion. Please keep a watchful eye and protect your precious kitties during this spring.

If you have any questions regarding Lilies or toxic plants please do not hesitate to contact the veterinary health care team at Coxwell Animal Clinic!