The Kittens Have Left the Building!

It is official, the little kittens that we were fostering through a wonderful organization called Four Paws, One Heart have been adopted. They left the clinic a couple weeks back to their forever homes! We are sad to see these little ones leave the nest, but so happy that they have found new places to call their own.

The little female Tabby has found a home on the west end of town, and is tearing up Toronto under the new name of Bella. A fitting name for such a beauty. We are looking forward to hearing how she is doing and seeing some pictures of how she grows! The other two kittens were lovingly adopted by our Clinic Manager, Amy. Amy is one of the people that was taking the kittens home at night, and getting up every few hours to make sure their little bellies were full and they were growing. At some point during those late night visits, Amy fell in love with them. The little orange boy has been named Prince, and is just a little lover boy. He just likes to be held and showered with attention. If you give it to him, he will reward you with his cute “motorboat” purr. The little Calico has been named Autumn, and is adjusting well. I am sure she is glad that she got to go to a home with her little brother.

We will keep you updated from time to time with any photos we may have, and any silly stories we hear about the bunch as they grow.