Hug an RVT!

In honour of National Veterinary Technician Appreciation Week, I would like to express our gratitude and love for our technicians. Without these dedicated professionals, our clinic wouldn’t be functioning, and my sanity would be dwindling.

Most people get the opportunity to meet our technicians but may not have a full understanding of everything they do in our practice. They’re always there to answer your questions and help with nail trims but are you aware of how much these techs do behind the scenes?

Medical Management
They are there to nurse your pet in the hospital, by monitoring their vitals, administering medications and spending countless hours by their side encouraging them to eat. They are responsible for taking blood and urine samples from your pet and running laboratory tests on these samples. They take x-rays of your pets and are always around to assist the doctor.

Surgical Management
They are there from beginning to end to care for your pet during surgery. They will prepare them for surgery and assist the veterinarian in surgery. On top of this, they are responsible for the anesthesia. During dental procedures, they are the oral hygienist who cleans and polishes the teeth.

Animal Care
They are there to educate owners on how to care for their pet. Whether it’s from demonstrating nail trims, to advice on diet choice, or how to help with behavior issues; technicians are a great source of information! They also get to play with your dogs and cats and help them socialize. But don’t let this fool you; a lot of their job is doing the dirty work! They have to express anal glands, clean up after animals, and help restrain dangerous pets all with a smile and good attitude!

They are a shoulder to cry on when clients and colleagues need it. Techs dedicate their professional life to saving pets. But unfortunately, there are times we have to say goodbye to our furry family members. Our technicians are there to help be a support line when our beloved pets cross over the rainbow bridge. Their empathy and compassion are comforting during these difficult times.

This is just a brief insight into some of the many things technicians do at the clinic. They are the backbone to our team and deserve more appreciation than what they receive. Our clinic wouldn’t be able to function so smoothly without their hard work and dedication. So next time you’re visiting Coxwell, tell a tech how much you appreciate them and give them a hug!

Written by Dr. Ashley Woo, DVM